New Hope Software Inc. specializes in bankruptcy software & forms for attorneys.

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Over 24 years of experience developing bankruptcy software for attorneys, New Hope Software produces the best bankruptcy software for chapter 7 plus chapters 9, 11, 12, 13, 15. We have helped lawyers file bankruptcies for their clients since 1991.

Welcome Windows 8 Users!

Bankruptcy2015™ is the only petition preparation program written in the same language as Windows itself, C++. That means it is fully compatible with all the latest Microsoft versions of Windows, including 64 bit systems.

Attorney owned and operated, our software has been developed to the high standards of quality, accuracy, and professionalism a bankruptcy attorney would expect. Our attorneys and programmers have been called upon by the courts for design assistance on the Official Forms, as well as various prototype electronic filing systems. We have the best case upload component for CM-ECF (Case Management-Electronic Case Filing) since it was originally developed with the assistance of New Hope's programmers almost 12 years ago.

Bankruptcy2015™, our widely popular bankrupty software for lawyers package, enables you to prepare filings quickly and easily, while offering power and flexibility lacking in many other bankruptcy software packages.

Means Master™. Bankruptcy2015™ is the only bankruptcy program that has the Means Master™, an elegant wizard for calculating the means test as required by the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act. It has the latest values from the DOJ, IRS and Census Bureau built in, including hyperlinks to source data, calculations, and detail, that makes it the essential tool for learning how to do the means test. It's the only bankruptcy software that lets you preview the Official Form 22 while you work.

  ¡Se habla Español!.  Bankruptcy2015™ supports the Spanish online questionnaire available from

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News and Events

4/1/2015 - New Median Incomes available in latest release of Bankruptcy2015™;

1/2/2015 - Bankruptcy2015™ released.

12/1/2014 - - New Bankruptcy Forms 22a, b & c. New B6 Summary, 3a & 3b.

11/26/2014 - Major upgrade Version 5 released.

10/11/2014 -New Median Incomes in effect November 1, 2014;

5/1/2014 -New IRS Collection Standards and DOJ Multipliers;

4/1/2014 - New Median Incomes;

1/5/2014 - First release of Bankruptcy2015™;

12/1/2013 - New Official Bankruptcy Forms 3a, 3b, 23, Schedules B6I & B6J, B6 Summary in latest release of Bankruptcy2015™;

11/1/2013 - New Median Incomes available in latest release of Bankruptcy2015™;

5/1/2013 - New IRS Collection Standards and Chapter 13 Multipliers in latest release of Bankruptcy2015™;

4/1/2013 - New Official Forms B1, 6C, 6E, 7, 22a, 22c, 283 and triennial dollar adjustments to 11 USC in latest release of Bankruptcy2015™;

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